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Amazing PowerPoint Presentation Design Ideas

Amazing PowerPoint Presentation Design Ideas

Do you know what is required in a good presentation? You must have design skills, technical knowledge and personal style to make one. No matter what your topic is, if you want to be effective, your PowerPoint Presentations design must engage your audience and for that you need to have a command over PowerPoint design tools, keen attention to the presentation processes, and exhibit consistent style.

If you want to know how to create good PowerPoint presentation designs, read below or view it now here.

Design your slides on your own:

Custom PPT templates are boring for presentation, as they are overly used and unattractive. It is better to create clean presentations with new and fresh ideas. Keep it simple leaving plenty of white space without filling them with unnecessary graphics.

Bullets should be limited:

Limit the use of bullets as they spoil the presentation. Filling up the slides with too much of text and bullet points will eliminate its appeal. The best slides are the ones without any text at all. Visuals are inserted to do the talking.

Too much text is hard to retain:

A slide should contain no more than 6 lines. Too much information can become harder to digest and the audience will not be able to retain all that you say.

Share one idea with one slide:

Audiences will not remember all the points mentioned on a single slide. Rather, using each slide to tell them your story is easier to understand and recollect.

Use of fonts:

Fonts should be readable with an appropriate size so that it is legible for the audience seated at the back.

Make your message pop up:

Create bold contrast between text and background, use contrasting colors in content to draw attention and work on your message so that it pops up from the other text.  

Limit your designs:

A good presentation is one that uses a single image with visual appeal in a slide than many, has minimal or no text at all, and contains powerful visuals to create an emotional response supporting your message. Avoid distracting transitions and spend time in a slide sorter to help the audience comprehend better with a logical flow of information in small segments.