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The right questions to ask before buying a printer

The right questions to ask before buying a printer

Buying a printer for home or office is a nerve-wracking task as there are plenty of choices that come in printer these days. It includes laser, Inkjet, LED, single function, or multi-function. When you visit a dealer or printer store, these choices make you confused, and you feel exhausted while making decisions. The wrong decision on buying a printer can end up in a financial loss. For your convenience, in this article, we compiled a list of some important questions that you should ask a dealer before buying a printer.

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What type of print do you want “color or black and white?

If you want to print simple documents that have plain text letters or spreadsheets, then the monochromic printer is a suitable option for you and you may save a valuable amount on them. But if you will need to take print graphics or other colored files like images and prints, you should consider buying a colored printer.

How many pages do you print in a day?

Another important question that you should ask yourself is how many pages do you print in a day? You can estimate the volume of pages with simple steps like Refill your paper tray Use it all the day Count pages at the end of the day  If your page consumption is lower, choosing a cheaper printer can be good for you. However, buy a printer that can produce 20 to 25 pages per minute.

Single function or multi-function?

When buying a printer, figure out how many people are going to use it? If many people in the office will use printer, wire, or Ethernet connectivity is essential.  However, wireless connectivity is a better option as there is no need for wire or Ethernet networking. But with this option, you might face speed issues.

What kind of paper you will use?

Paper quality also matters when you consider buying a printer. If there are various types of documents like the large size and shot size paper, you will need to buy a printer that has two trays.

What is the cost of ink and toner?

Before you buy a printer, make sure to consider ink or toner cost. Get an estimation of how much you will need to spend on toner and ink in a month.

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