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Tips to learn English

English is a very good language to learn especially because of the global impact it has. There is no doubt that English has its worth all across the world and that at various times it gets really tough to move forward without the English language. There are spoken English classes in Dubai as well as IELTS coaching in Dubai but what if you can’t avail their services. Then this article is just for you because here we will tell you the tips with which you can learn English language at home as well.

Read anything you see

This is one of the beginning tips that you must read whatever text you find in English language. If it’s in English, read it: classic novels, paperbacks, magazines, sites, emails, your twitter and Facebook feed, crisp packets. Why is this so? This stuff, on the other hand, will be chock-full of rich new language as well as a good bit you previously know. This allows you to progress quickly since re-exposure to already learn vocabulary provides you with new instances in situation, strengthening those keywords in your head. Learning new words and expressions, on the other hand, is critical to expanding your vocabulary arsenal, especially with English, a language having a vast number of words to it.

Take note of new words

This is a tried-and-true tip for a cause: it helps! We often like a new term or term so much while we are learning that losing it seems impossible. But believe us when we say that not everything remains the very first try. This is why we suggest you to actively take a note of all the new words and phrases that you learn in your everyday life. Every time you get to know a new word or a sentence term, write it down somewhere with its proper context that is the meaning of the word as well. This would help you in the future when you would refer back to this word. This is because we tend to forget what the word or what the phrase meant, that is why noting it down with its full context would help you remember things in a much better way.