Tips to Protect Your Money When Buying Cake Online

Tips to Protect Your Money When Buying Cake Online

There are ways to protect yourself when you order cakes online in Dubai. You may hesitate over the price but always ask for a consultation before you purchase. There are also a few things you should always keep in mind, like the delivery costs and the buttercream or icing type. Read on to learn about these and more tips. After all, you’re buying a cake for a wedding, so it’s important to make sure it will look perfect.

Look for the price of the cake:

You are usually charged based on the serving size when you purchase a cake online. However, some bakers add a topper and difficulty level to their base prices. Generally, you will find a menu of cake flavors. If you want to order a less-common flavor, the price will be higher. Additionally, you may choose between fondant and traditional buttercream for the cake.

Cost of delivery:

When buying a cake online, the most important consideration is the delivery cost. While many online cake stores offer free delivery, others will charge a delivery fee. The prices of cakes vary widely by store. Some are under AED 40, while others are AED 150 or more. Delivery fees depend on the type of cake, location, and shipping speed. Online cake stores will generally charge a lower fee for shipping compared to local retailers.

Ask for a cake consultation:

When buying a cake online, ask for a consultation and a contract. While you may not have to spend the time to meet the baker, you want to know exactly what you’re getting. A contract helps you protect yourself from a company that doesn’t deliver or doesn’t have a solid refund policy. This contract will explain what your money is responsible for and help the company rest easy if you have to cancel. It is also good to check if the company has an easy-to-return policy.

Avoid buttercream:

When buying a wedding cake online, you can mix and match the type of buttercream used. Meringue buttercream, for example, is a popular choice for flavorless wedding cakes. However, meringue buttercream is not good for hot weather because it won’t hold up. Therefore, it is better to avoid buying buttercream cake.